The Tower of Druaga

Chapter 1

A Little More than Useless...

The Summer of Anu is quickly closing in, and climbers from all across the land have begun to flock to the tower in preparation for the climb. Neba has decided to take his party up the tower to get some training in, which nearly resulted in disaster. Somehow Scorpier almost killed the party when they attempted to flee from a rampaging stampede of monitors. Fatina, Davon, Kally, and Neba all felt that Scorpier Tegrate would only be a nuisance and slow them down. Neba being Scorpier’s older step brother left him in the outskirts of the city of Meskia, on the first floor of the tower. Alone and confused Scorpier ventured into the city in hopes to do some good. There he met a Tӧtlich, Daedalus, and Stevenius in combat against some pathetic climbers putting on a good show for the bystanders in the Central District. Their skills caught the eye of Kaaya, a priestess from the south. She asked the group to take her to the top of the tower in return for riches. Unable to refuse the offer the party accepted. Also while in the Central District the party met Osdrich, who wanted the safe return of his family heirloom that were stolen several days ago. After a long day of exploring the city and becoming acquainted, the party called it a night.

The next day our group of heroes had a nice breakfast in the East District at a fancy restaurant thanks to Kaaya. While eating, crowds began to form on the street obstructing the view. Loud marching and cheering was heard down the streets. The great King Gilgamesh has finally arrived to the city of Meskia. The party made it through the crowd in order to catch a glimpse of the great King, but that was not the only thing they saw. Across the street Scorpier, Stevenius, and Kaaya spotted Neba and his party suspiciously sneak into a dark allay. Leaving Tӧtlich behind who was not interested, the rest of the group followed to see what they were up to. To their surprise, they overheard Neba’s party discussing a plot to assassinate the king. Unable to move silently, the group alerted Kally. With that, Fatina summoned two orcs, giving the party time to escape. This left our heroes fighting in complete darkness thanks to Tӧtlich who eventually decided to join in the fun.

The party had a lot of time to waste before the assassination took place. So they decided to pay Osdrich a visit to obtain more information about this theft crime. Daedalus caught the scent of strawberries around the crime scene and from the note left behind; the party concluded that the great master thief Dark Mousey was the suspect. The party left and went their separate ways throughout the city trying to gather further information to this Dark Mousey character. As they searched, Tӧtlich attempted to extract information from an elderly woman walking the streets which resulted in a grand chase as she ran for fear of her life. He eventually caught her only to have her faint and be stuffed into a bag left in Kaaya’s apartment.

Midnight was but an hour away, the group waited in hiding at the North District, outside the Society of Commerce’s guest palace, near the sewers. Not long after, 7 cloaked figures began to enter the sewers. Once again unable to stay quite the figures began to attack. Once the fight was over, the party noticed that someone was missing. They pursued the last cloaked figure hoping to save the king’s life. Our Heroes fought victoriously through the sewers. They managed to even save the life of the Sewer Inspector Tailman, who was trapped in a room for several weeks, eating rats and roaches to stay alive. In gratitude he gave Daedalus an interesting looking silver key. After ramming down a Metal door the party discovered a huge silver chest. With the key they found seven crystals, a wooden cube with an ornate carving of a mouse, and a note from Dark Mousey. It seems that the party picked up a package that was not meant for them. Finally our heroes made it out of the sewers and followed the footsteps of the dark figure into the king’s bedroom. It was too late…. They saw a man with a sharp face and pointed ears giving a jagged smile. A scar runs across his left eye. Before him is an aged man with silver hair lying down with a dagger rising from his chest, blood soaks the sheets. The man laughs and makes his escape by blasting everyone with wind, pushing them aside. Guards burst through the doors seeing the party and the dead king. More guards are heard on their way. All looks dim when two arrows followed by two knives paralyze 3 of the guards. At the window you see Neba and Kally, “let’s get out of here quick”

You make a clean escape from near capture thanks to Neba. He tried to explain to the group the situation but left soon after due to the party’s behavior. The party did learn of Lord Terron, the man who killed the king. After a long night our heroes went to get a well deserved rest, left with Neba’s words resonating in their heads…. “you should all just go home if you value your lives. There are greater things at work which you will never understand. You’re not cut out to be climbers, next time I won’t save you”



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