The Tower of Druaga

Chapter 2

Freedom to Climb

The party returns back to Kaaya’s place to rest up for the night. Luckily for Tӧtlich, no one found the old lady stuffed in the closet. The next morning the group sought out Osdrich to return his stolen precious gems. In return he rewarded them with an acid longsword, fairy boots, and of course gold. While our heroes attended to their business, Kaaya went to see the king who was suppose to make a special appearance in front of the Society of Commerce’s guest palace. King Gilgamesh, who was seen murdered the night before was alive and well, up and about giving a riveting speech to the town’s people. As the group attended to their business in the city, they discovered thousands of wanted posters with their faces littering every street. They put on clever disguises to evade capture and made their way to the East District to enjoy a nice meal with Kaaya. Their lunch was rudely interrupted by a giant green ooze monster that fell from the sky that begun to cause havoc in the East District. Our reluctant “heroes” were rallied by Scorpier Tegrate to save the day and the life of Tailman’s granddaughter who was drowning in the blob. But their luck ran out when they failed to realize that there disguises became undone during battle leading to their capture by Ethana, the lieutenant of the Urik Army.

After several hours in jail, their luck returned with the arrival of the Summer of Anu. As monster continued to fall from the tower floors above Meskia, some fell crashing into the prison freeing our climbers. Taking this opportunity to escape, they fled the city leaving it in chaos on top of freeing some high class criminals.

Several days have passed and the party finds themselves in the garden of the dog. They met 4 female warriors one of them becoming Stevenius’ love interest. They find these ladies standing before a pile of burned bodies, who Stevenius recognized to be the group of punk kids he met several days ago. The female travelers claimed to see a group of 7 black cloaked individuals with 4 giant undead ogres carrying what looked like… 4 black coffins. Then 5 kids ran out of the cave yelling something about a group of Minotaur living in the area. Then the man in front took his hood off revealing a pointed face with sharp ears and a scar across his left eye. He raised his hand burning the 5 kids to a crisp. With that the party figured it was Lord Terron and ventured into the cave. They came face to face with an old hag and her pet giant, one of Lord Terron’s henchmen she vowed to stop our adventurers. The battle was tough with Stevenius almost losing his life. The hag died muttering some non-sense of rising war and the rise of the fallen empire. And with that they called it a night.



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