The Tower of Druaga

Chapter 3

Its a TRAP!

Our group continued on their journey the next day to come upon a fork in the road. One path looks as though it continued the cave, but the second path appeared as though it has been paved with concrete blocks and solid stone walls. A sign stood in the center pointing to the left and right. Left arrow had the word “Detour” written above it, and the right arrow had “Short Cut” written about it. Stevenius was able to recall that long ago there was an insane mage named Ziusudra, it is rumored he used this place as his testing site, he passed away a long time ago but his inventions still function here and now. Some say his traps are silly but all agree that a fearsome trap waits at the end. If one is successful it would save them three days travel, taking them to the shrine of Iron.Kaaya suggesting the short cut to be a good idea, the party accepted her advice and ventured off into a trap. Ours heroes soon discovered the madness Ziusudra had to offer when they were quickly turned into the opposite sex. Kaaya became a man while Stevenius, Tӧtlich, Scorpier, and Daedalus became women. The trap wore off after several minutes but then they were quickly transformed into clowns. The party was continuously transformed as they ventured through the dungeon.

On their path they encountered a naked old man in a hot spring being attacked by vicous clowns. After aiding him in battle they soon discovered him to be the Great War Mage Seymour “Kick-It” Ebenezer. Kick-it has taken residence in the Tower of Druaga, feeling too old to continue the journey. Wanting to complete his goal and correct his past, Kick-it joined the party to venture where he has never gone before.

The party managed to catch a glimps of Sir Kelb, Ethana, and the Special Guard Unit, when they were attacked by #89 and # 87, two members of the Super Ultra Bounty Force (S.U.B. Force). Avoiding capture, the team cleverly fueled the tension between the two members, resulting #89 and #87 to beat each other up, giving way to the team.

After dancing through lighting, flying through portals, and almost drowning. Our heros finally make it to the end. They entered a large room with a giant metal door on the other side. In front of the closed door is a red raised platform, the size of a small stage. A giant machine seems to be connected to the door and is above the red stage. The machine appears like a giant golden brain with a fancy clock work. Some sort of meter stretches down pointing at the stage. To their right was a giant white stuffed bear wearing glasses, hunched over stabbing a giant dead armored chicken with a fork. It was their good friend Steven the Psycho Killer who was not too pleased to see the people who did not give him freedom from prison when they broke out. After the vicious fight, the party decided to take him hostage and turn him in for the bounty on his head. Reaching the end they could not managed to open the huge metal doors. The giant clockwork brain demanded a comical performance in exchange for an exit. Attempting various different skits, the great and wise Kick-it came up with a cleaver stand up routine that pleased the judge, opening the doors liberating them from Ziusudra’s Trap.



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