Human Werecrocodile Cleric


A cleric of Sebek from Chessenta. Born from a long line of Werecroc clerics before him dating back to the center of the church of Sebek, known as the River’s Maw, in the city of Sekras before it was destroyed. With no churches currently dedicated to Sebek , also known as the smiling death, Daedalus has left Chessenta to find a new location for the first church since the River’s Maw’s destruction, To tell others about the greatness of god, and to serve gods will. Gods will is usually very simple, kill, make more werecrocs, and spread the holy word of Sebek.

Shortly after leaving Chessenta, Daedalus entered a small town outside of the famed sunless citadel to restock on supplies and met a wandering bard named Ambian in the tavern. Though this bard was a great oddity as he was a kobold and bard isn’t exactly the favored class among his kind. Not only was the fact alone that a kobold bard existed but what was truly amazing that this creature had quite the silver tongue. Ambian was oh too happy to tell the tale of his latest adventure into the depths of the sunless citadel making sure not leave any detail untold, especially about a clever and grisly deal he made with a young dragon to join his party and the ceremony of gaining his wings and proving his dragonwrought blood. He also told of his new purpose in adventuring to find the other two missing pieces of a legendary flute he found in the ruins of the sunless citadel. The pieces had been scattered by an ancient necromantic cult and Ambian was set on reuniting the pieces and claiming the flute as his own. The flute was said to hold ultimate power over all undead and with only a third of the flute Ambian could take control through force of will, give attacking and defending commands, and release the undead under his control with the side effect of their destruction. It seemed that both their quests had them traveling in the same direction so they decided to adventure together for their mutual benefit. The bard Ambian could always use the extra muscle and a new tale to record and tell and Daedalus knew having the quick thinking silver tongued bard around could only be beneficial. They adventured together for quite sometime and had quite a few adventures and stories before they had to part ways. Ambian off to find out where the next piece of the flute was and obtain it and Daedalus off to investigate rumors of a giant tower and an amazing item.


The Tower of Druaga Ambian