Seymour "Kick-It" Ebenezer

Master of magics, Adept of the arcance, Sultan of sorcery, Expert of enchantment...


Charisma = 22 Knowledge (Arcane)= 15 Knowledge (History)= 13 Profession (Hero)= 1

Spells per day: 0:6 1:8 2:8 3:7

Sudden Empower x3/day Sudden Maximize x1/day


Seymour “Kick-It” Ebenezer, famed hero and savior of countless towns, villages, and kingdoms. Kick-It lived his long life dedicated to the magic arts and the protection of others. Kick-It fought in countless wars, beaten unfathomably horrific monsters, and rescued numerous women, children, adorable puppies, and men from certain death. As he completed grander and grander adventures evil simply stopped trying to compete with Kick-It. As time passed Kick-It and his greatness faded into glory, legend, and myth. In order to keep his memory alive Kick-It began to climb the tower determined to reach the top, although age got the better of him and he was forced to settle down inside the tower. Although he is out of practice, Kick-It is still a skilled spellcaster and capable adventurer.

Kick-It Story #1: When the grand High Mage, Kick-It heard that the King’s daughter had been kidnapped and was being held ransom he quickly walked into the bandit’s camp, despite having 200 arrows pointed directly at him Kick-It cleared his throat and asked “I’d appreciate the return of the princess, so we may avoid any violence” and the bandits politely retorted “* off you *head.” “Its a pity you feel that way” Kick-It cast a wind wall in front of him just as the bandits launched their flurry of arrows which were repelled back at them. The 50 or so bandits that didn’t die pulled out their swords and charged the dashing wizard only to find themselves shredded by a ring of whirling blades that surrounded him. those that survived that wet themselves and either fainted or curled into fetal position and began crying. Kick-It yawned, stepped over the many bodies, retrieved the princess and teleported them back home. After some well earned gratitude sex Kick-It was given a substantial gold reward and sent on to new adventures.

Seymour "Kick-It" Ebenezer

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