Scorpier Tergate

Lawful Good Paladin, Knight of the Inner Circle


STR: 16 ; DEX: 11 ; CON: 11 ; INT: 11; WIS: 14 ; CHA: 16 AC: 20 HP: 62 Weapons: *Holy Longsword (+2d6 damage against evil) *Masterwork Flail Armor: *Dwarven Full Plate, *Shield of Mercy


The son of a Paladin, Altor, and a maiden, Scorpier was born into a moderately rich family. His father took him and his brother Kaerid, 3 years younger, into his teaching. Neeba was Scorpier’s half brother, and though it seemed that Scorpier and Kaerid were favored over Neeba, their father loved all of them. Neeba and Scorpier never were able to see eye to eye, though he felt no hat towards him. Sure enough, when Scorpier adopted the teachings of his father, Neeba left home to live on his own. After hearing the news of his Father’s death in the Great War of the Pen, as well as the many speculations as to his cause of death, Scorpier also searched for the truth behind his beloved father’s death, or if he’s dead at all.

Since a few years after birth he was raised as a paladin of the god Heironeous and focused much of his training on the craft of swordsmanship, mainly the longsword. After coming of an old enough age, Scorpier left the temple of his home and went out into the world to be a fighting force for good in the world, helping those deserving of help, converting evil from how they were had they showed any hope of redemption, and in some cases purging what would not change. He has a deep seated hate of evil, but believes that in some ways good and evil can coexist, you can;t have one without the other. He also believes that most beings are not beyond redemption.

He was inducted into the Stargazers church and serves as a Knight of the Inner Circle. Though he is the highest rank within the Church, he is often sent out to do missions instead of assigning them as is normal for a member of the Inner Circle, due mainly to his relative young age. As a Knight of the Inner Circle, He is sent and does missions on behalf of the Stargazers church, missions that will turn the tide in favor of good in the prophesied battle between good and evil.

He has but one love interest in his life, a (rolled 20!!) very beautiful woman who loves him, whom he saved from near fatal wounds from a goblin attack, but she was stolen away by a red dragon. She still lives ,however, and Scorpier vows to rescue her.

Scorpier Tergate

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