Name Lord Terron Age ?
Race Elf Gender Male
Class Sorcerer Current Status Alive


Terron is a bloodthirsty climber specializing in the dark arts. He specializes in wind/air magic. One never wants to cross paths with him, due to all the terrible rumors that surround him. He hired a group of six petty criminals to aid him in assassinating King Gilgamesh. He cares little for the lives of others, killing his own men in order to reach his goals. Making a deal with this is guy is like making a deal with the devil.

Now he leads a large group of 7 shrouded individuals and 4 undead giants carrying 4 black metallic coffins to the top of the Tower. No one knows what this man is up to. But Neeba has been interfering causing much stress and anger toward the Tergate family.


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