The Tower of Druaga 80 years ago a brave warrior known as Gilgamesh sought to destroy the evil god Druaga. The evil god built a tower of 60 floors full of traps and dangerous monsters to stop anyone in their path. Great evil emitted from this tower of darkness causing destruction in the surrounding lands. But during the Summer of Anu, a time when the sky-goddess Anu blesses the land by causing demons to lose their powers and monsters to become week, Gilgamesh climbed the tower and defeated the dark lord himself. After his great victory the brave warrior became king over all the land of Urik. Twenty years into King Gilgamesh’s peaceful reign a structure appeared over night stretching into the heavens. Monsters began to reappear terrorizing the land. It seems that Druaga has rebuilt the tower and made it more powerful than before. It has been 80 years since the tower reappeared, 80 long years of chaos, 80 long years of attempting to reach the top. Many known as climbers seek to reach the top in order to retrieve the legendary Blue Crystal Staff which will grant anyone one wish. They seek fame, riches, glory, and riches. Now the Summer of Anu approaches once again and the Urik army have built up positions inside the tower, with their sights set on getting to the upper levels. Fortune, fame, power? What will you wish for? This is where your adventure begins.

The Tower of Druaga

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